Demolition by Neglect

First a structure is totally ignored of any maintenance – until it becomes a safety or environmental hazard – then authorized for demolition – regardless of Historic Significance

Per the 2016 GAO Report;
“FWS has demolished seven historic properties and completed another undertaking with adverse effects on historic properties that was not contemplated by the agreement without directly notifying parties who had previously expressed interest in historic preservation issues on Midway (hereafter referred to as key parties) and seeking their comments and input, and, in some cases, without providing public notification or opportunity for the public to express its views on resolving the adverse effects. In addition, FWS did not conduct consultations before approving three of the four undertakings even though, according to Advisory Council on Historic Preservation officials, the intent of consultation is to inform agency decision making.”

Blow the Whistle – Anyone with knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse, misconduct, or mismanagement involving the U.S. Department of the Interior should contact the Office of Inspector General’s hotline.

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Sent by Rob Cook, on Father’s Day, June 19, 2016
My father, Cmdr. Robert C. Cook, DDS, carved the Gooney Bird that is now a disregarded pile of garbage. He also carved a very large “ALOHA” sign that was installed at the airport. Not sure what became of that. But it just makes me sick to my stomach of what has become of what was a wonderful paradise. I mean this is CRIME!! It’s just absolutely horrible. I would hope that our nation’s leaders will step up and correct what is very obvious the murder of Midway Island. PLEASE!!

Structures Demolished by USFWS

Cable Houses Demolished – 2013 – Buildings #619, #623 and #628, between June 2012 and Sept 2012. Cable Building #626 was partial restored.

Historic Marine Barracks – Buildings #578 and #579 – Demolished September 2013

Fuel Farm Demolished – Sept 2015

The SKI Warehouse

SKI Warehouse – Building #393 – Demolished October 2012

Water Tower Demolished – 2017

Cellular Phone System

The Cellular Phone System Had Been Utilized by All Midway Residents and Visitors – Now Demolished

The Harbor Office

Structures Scheduled For Demolition

The Galley

Scheduled for Demolition


Scheduled for Demolition


Scheduled for Demolition


Scheduled for Demolition

Transmitter Building

Scheduled for Demolition

Eastern Island

All of Eastern Island – Demolished/Flattened

Midway Stewardship

NAF Hangar

7 thoughts on “Demolition

  1. I was stationed on Midway Is. for 6 months in 1968. I was a heavy equipment operator In the Sea Bees, EOH 3, I had completed 2 tours in Vietnam, but couldn’t go for the third tour because I didn’t have enough time left, so they sent me to Midway to run the cranes. I enjoyed my time there.

  2. Given the situation in Ukraine, I believe it is necessary to bring Midway back to it’s 1965 condition. We must maintain a perimeter around the US. Midway, Adak, and Guam defense. Now.

  3. FWS has the primary goal of managing fish and wildlife. It is expected that is foremost what they want to manage. I would really put the blame on those who handed it to them. They are I’ll equipped to handle preservation of structures etc. Their primary objective is wildlife management thereby creating a major conflict of interest in the proper management of both resources. They would see the larger numbers of visitors as an impediment to wildlife management. There is no reason that both cannot be satisfied with the right leadership and over site on both objectives in my opinion.

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