Midway Island

Welcome to this dedicated webpage for our Midway Island Street View, by Google.  This digital tour allows you to explore the landscapes and historical sites of Midway Island from the comfort of your home. Known for its strategic role in World War II, particularly the pivotal Battle of Midway, the island has a rich history that predates its famous wartime service. Discovered by Captain N.C. Middlebrooks, also known as Captain Brooks, in 1859, Midway was initially recognized for its potential as a stopover for trans-Pacific cable stations and shipping routes.

It’s important to note that it’s very likely that the island was known to Polynesian navigators, though there is limited historical documentation to confirm this.

From this page (below) you can tour most of Midway Island. Google Street View recorded this tour on October 22, 2012. Many buildings shown with this tour have since been demolished by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Use your mouse to move around to tour the island. You can also click the ‘View Larger Map’ link for a full-screen view.

Google Street View of Midway Island

Recorded Oct. 22, 2012

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