Midway Hangar Recent Photos

The Midway NAF Hangar is being gutted and prepped for complete demolition by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Photos take October 3, 2023
Photo Credits – Forest and Kim Starr – Starr Environmental

Photo Credits – Forest and Kim Starr – Starr Environmental

One thought on “Midway Hangar Recent Photos

  1. I was stationed there from 1972 – 1975 as part of the GEMD division of the air operations department. We worked out of that building and in my case I was responsible for all the weather equipment and all the electronics in the control tower. Looking at the roof of that hanger building I’m noticed that the Radom is still there which contained the ANGMD-2 weather balloon tracker. That equipment was not the most reliable which required me to spend a huge amount of time working on it. It was used twice a day at 1200 and 2400; I still have scars from the umbilical cord that kept me attached to it. When it goes with the rest of the building it will be like loosing a friend.

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