Ext Midway Links

Battle Of Midway Info

Battle of Midway Roundtable

Blow The Whistle

FaceBook – Midway Island Residents (Past and Present)

Fish and Wildlife Service – Midway

Friends Of Midway Atoll – FOMA

International Midway Memorial Foundation

Marine Life Photography – Midway

Midway Island.com – by Gary Randall

Midway Memorials – FWS, 4-page PDF, 1.924 Mbt

Naval Historical Center

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Pete’s Blog

Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS)

Wikipedia Facts

Willy Victor Site



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  1. My dad was in the Navy and we were stationed on Midway Island 1967-1969. I was three and my sister was born 19 March 1969. I’d like to add our names to the register of people living and/or born on Midway Island. Please contact me at the email below. The link to add our names isn’t working. Many thanks!!

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