The International Midway Memorial Foundation (IMMF) is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (3)(c) organization, incorporated in the state of Maryland in 1992. You can learn more about the Foundation by visiting

We would love to hear from you. You can contact the IMMF at the following address and phone number or via this web link.  At this time, the function of this Web site is limited to promoting the goals of the Foundation, as, unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to answer questions regarding the Battle. In the future, we hope that will change. For now, however, you can learn about the Battle of Midway through our online documents and suggested reading.

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Donations to the Foundation can be specified for use on a particular project (such as the documentary film “Against All Odds”). Checks should be made out to “IMMF” and mailed to 1039 Rainbow Court, Bradenton, FL 34211-4906. All donations are tax deductible (the tax-exempt number is: 52-6550447). Membership in the Foundation is $25.00 a year and includes the quarterly newsletter, “Midway Sentinel,” in addition to our stunning membership card. The IMMF welcomes new members aboard the Flagship “International Midway Memorial Foundation.” Day time phone: (240) 460-0041.

In September of 2000, lands and waters of Midway Island NWR were
additionally designated as the Battle of Midway National Memorial – a National Memorial that remains closed to the public, despite a mandate and on-going promises by the USFWS to keep it open to visitors.

IMMF Memorial Stones – Midway Island

3 thoughts on “IMMF

  1. Seabee based there 71-73. Ashamed what the government and Fish /Wildlife, and Presidents have done to basically drop and forget about a historical island. All about the money, not respecting history.

  2. My father, Cmdr. Robert C. Cook, DDS, carved the Gooney Bird that is now a disregarded pile of garbage. He also carved a very large “ALOHA” sign that was installed at the airport. Not sure what became of that. But it just makes me sick to my stomach of what has become of what was a wonderful paradise. I mean this is CRIME!! It’s just absolutely horrible. I would hope that our nations leaders will step up and correct what is very obvious the murder of Midway Island. PLEASE!!

    1. Hello Rob. Do you have any good photos of your dad and the gooney bird as he carved it? All I have seen are very bad copies of a newspaper article. I run a website and I would like to update the photos in the article that I’ve written about it. You can email me at

      Thank you so much.

      Gary Randall
      Midway 1977-1979

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