Historic SAR Seaplane Hangar

The Historic Seaplane Hangar was Eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

The seaplane hangar was designed by the architect Albert Kahn and constructed in 1941. This building was bombed during both the December 7, 1941, and June 4, 1942, attacks on Midway and housed the seaplanes that spotted the Japanese attack during the Battle of Midway. The FWS stated the building is used for equipment storage. The FWS also stated they will only maintain buildings that they can use.

On January 13, 2022, the Historic SAR/Seaplane Hangar collapsed. It was reported that heavy winds and rain were the cause of its collapse. The Hangar was not included within the BOSS Contract for preventive maintenance, over the past 20+ years. In 2011, FWS Facilities Maintenance Officials spent $193,000 for estimates to repair the Seaplane Hangar – which included the costs to transport and house potential bidders on Midway as well as to transport and house three to four staff members from the winning bidder to conduct work necessary for developing the estimate.  Plans and costs to rehabilitate/repair the seaplane hangar are finalized and contract bids are reviewed.  The project is halted by the Fish and Wildlife Service because of the high cost.

Photo Credit – Midway USFWS

When a Door Required Repairs –
It Was Ripped Off its
Hinges With
Heavy Equipment.

Photo Credit – NW Demolition

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