Bob Wilson – Mini Mustang Story – Round-the-world visit

Dusty’s Stories – Midway 1963 – 1964

John Cameron’s Odyssey – Midway Island – 1888

Lisa Brackin StoriesBorn on Midway – Return to Midway 1997 – 1998

Mike Daak StoriesMidway Island – 1983 – 2002

Nixon at MidwayJune 8, 1969

Wayman L.McElhaney Stories – The Story Teller – Midway Island – 1951 – 1952

Welford Sims Stories – Midway Island – 1957 – 1958

Yvonne Pittenger Stories – Midway Island – 1968 – 1969

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  1. Spent almost 18 months with AEWBARRONPAC, 15 months on Midwy, 1960 to1961. Two TDY tours of 1 month each, followed by 13 month PCS TOUR.

  2. My family lived there for a year and a half in the mid fifties. It was the best time of our lives. I still treasure all of the shells, coral and fish balls that we collected, as well as the wonderful memories. I wasn’t able to make it back for the short time that they made it a resort, but would love to visit. Is it possible to go there at this time? My dad said back then that it would be a great resort and I’m surprised that it didn’t catch on. A true paradise.

    Linda Bryan

  3. I was with the AEW crews from 1963 to 1964. My recollection was a little different than the story I just read. I was in flight crew F-19. I was an ATW 3. We would be at Barbers point for 2 weeks at a time and deployed to Midway for 2 weeks. I logged just over 2,000 hours in the EC121Ks as a radar operator. When I was there Eastern Island was uninhabited with the exception of the birds. It was off limits and no one went there.

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