Seaplane Hangar

Eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2011 the US Fish and Wildlife Facilities Maintenance Officials spent $193,000 for estimates to repair the Seaplane Hangar. This amount included the costs to transport and house potential bidders on Midway as well as to transport and house three to four staff members from the winning bidder to conduct work necessary for developing the estimate.  Plans and costs to rehabilitate/repair the seaplane hangar were finalized and contract bids were reviewed.  The project was halted because of the high cost.

The historic Seaplane Hangar collapsed on January 13, 2022.  It was reported that heavy winds and rain were the cause of its collapse. The Hangar was not included within any preventive maintenance program by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, over the past 20+ years.

Click here to learn more about the collapse of the historic Seaplane Hangar.

Across_Jap_Grave CBHangar CBHangar1 CBHangar2 CbHangarCatWalk2 CBHangarSign CBHangarUpStairs CBHangarUpStairs1 CBHangarUpstairs2 CBHangerCatWalk NW_Side_SAR_Hangar SAR_Floor SAR_Hangar_Floor2 SAR_Hangar_Floor3 SAR_Hangar_NSide SAR_Hangar_NSide1 SAR_Hangar_SW_Side SAR_Hangar_WideView SAR_Hangar22 SAR_Hangar23 SAR_Hangar25 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SAR_Hnagar26 W_Side_SAR_Hangar

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