The Midway NAF Hangar was built in 1957. Throughout its time on the island, it served as the central hub for most activity. It served as the Navy’s primary office spaces. It served at an aircraft work area during the Willie Victor Era. Midway Phoenix Corporation used the NAF Hangar for their primary office spaces and for Air Traffic Control operation. The hangar was also the hub for communication services for the island. It also served as the island’s general Post Office. Prior to May 1, 2002, the NAF Hangar served as a holding area for air travelers who had been screened for security.

The NAF Hangar is Eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

The NAF Hangar has been gutted and prepped for demolition by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The NAF Hangar has been prepped and ready for demolition.

NAF Midway Hangar – Abandoned – 2002 –
The US Fish and Wildlife Service has not included the NAF Hangar within their maintenance contractor for the island. 

Click Here to view recent photos of the NAF Hangar.

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