Ceremonies were held for the opening of the new Midway Chapel,
on May 14, 1958.

The Chapel was demolished in 1996.
It had been only 38-years since it was first constructed.

The Chapel was demolished in 1996, during the Navy/FWS transition. It was reported that termites had infested the building. As with so many other buildings on the island, proper maintenance may have saved the Chapel from being demolished.

5 thoughts on “Chapel

  1. i am glad you didn’t tell your dad. What a shame! The fish and wildlife have no concern for wildlife or any life!

  2. My father was chaplain when that church was built. It was very special to our family. I was told that the church was demolished to make more room for the birds! I never told my father it had been demolished. 😔

    1. The Church was demolish due to it being infested with termites – at least that what I was told by reliable sources. MPC opened a large room in the NAF Hangar and converted it into a church. We held Christmas and many other services there. That room in the NAF Hangar has also been abandoned. I find it interesting that when all the churches closed, the island took a nose-dive for the worse times ever.

  3. I spent over 3 years there from 58 til 61 or there abouts flying the barrie always went to church when i was not flying or working on my plane #6.I do not see how termites got on MIdway Island

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