The Midway Chapel was constructed in 1958. It was demolished in 1996. It was reported that the Chapel was invested with termites. It’s not known if the Midway Chapel was included within the island’s termite protection program.

Ceremonies were held for the opening of the new Midway Chapel,
on May 14, 1958.

The Chapel was demolished in 1996.
It had been only 38-years since it was first constructed.

The Chapel was demolished in 1996, during the Navy/FWS transition. As with so many other buildings on the island, proper maintenance may have saved the Chapel from being demolished.

4 thoughts on “Chapel

  1. i am glad you didn’t tell your dad. What a shame! The fish and wildlife have no concern for wildlife or any life!

  2. My father was chaplain when that church was built. It was very special to our family. I was told that the church was demolished to make more room for the birds! I never told my father it had been demolished. 😔

  3. I spent over 3 years there from 58 til 61 or there abouts flying the barrie always went to church when i was not flying or working on my plane #6.I do not see how termites got on MIdway Island

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