Photo Credit: Lisa Brackin

The Midway Station Theater is Eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

The hand-painted murals, in the Station Theater, have been removed by US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Instead of maintaining the Theater, the USFWS opted to remove the murals and had them transported to Ford Island. 

The Station Theater has been deselected from any scheduled maintenance by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, for the past 21+ years.  The roof of The Station Theater has a hole so large that it can be viewed via satellite images.  Nearly half of The Station Theater is gone.  The USFWS is planning to demolish The Station Theater.

Station Theater Stewardship

The Historic Murals, mounted onto the walls of The Station Theater, were removed and taken to Ford Island.

The Anchor (above) was mounted to the ceiling of The Station Theater. It was removed and moved to a room inside the USFWS office.

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