Midway’s primary runways are Runway 6 and Runway 24. The Cross-runway is being demolished by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Aircraft Charts classify the Midway runway as being open to the public. The USFWS denies access to land on the runway, unless an aircraft first declares an emergency. The exception to this rule is the USFWS weekly chartered flight. The airport has an Airport Manager, but the Airport Manager must first receive permission from the Midway Refuge Manager, before allowing permission for any aircraft to land.

The Midway Cross-runway is being demolished, by the USFWS.

Click here to view unofficial information about the Midway Island Airport.

RunWay_24 CrossRunway   RunWay6_Approach1  RunWay24_HiView3 RunWay24_HiView6 TaxiWay

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