The Reef was an interesting place to explore, especially with kayaks. Many people who spent years on Midway never made it out to the Reef. The Reef also served as a natural buffer for tsunamis, to protect Sand and Easter Islands.

Learn about The Reef Hotel at this link – PDF, 6.7Mbt

Older Aerial Photos of the Reef Hotel
were taken from a Helicopter, by John LaFayette
Boat_Reef ClearReef GoodKayakPic LowTideReef NiceReef Reeef_Hotel_frm_Helo 4 Reef Reef_Kaaking2 Reef_Kayaking Reef_Kayaking3 Reef3 Reef5 ReefHotel_Falling ReefHotel_frm_10000 ft ReefHotel_img271 ReefHotel_img272 ReefHotel_img273 ReefHotel_John_L ReefHotel_John_L2 ReefHotel_John_L3 ReefHotel_John_L4 ReefHotel2 ReefHotel3 ReefHotel4 ReefHotel5 ReefHotel6 ReefHotel11 ReefKayak ReefKayak2 ReefLowTide ReefLowTide1 TheReef WideReef WideReef2 WideReefKayak

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