Midway Piers

Photos on this page include images of the Cargo Fuel and Finger Piers at Midway Island.
All photos on this page were taken prior to Midway Phoenix Corporation making their final exit from the island, on May 1, 2002.

Click this link to view older images of Midway Piers.

Both_Piers_hiView BothPiersHiUp1 Cargo_Fuel_Pier Cargo_Pier_Frm_Tower Cargo_Pier_HiView Cargo_Pier_HiView_SeaWard Cargo_Pier_W-Turtles Cargo_Pier1_HiView CargoPier_Sand CargoPier_Sand1 CargoPier_Sand2 CargoPier_Sand3 CargoPier_Sand5 Fuel_Pier_Sand Fuel_Pier_Sand1 Fuel_Pier3_HiView Fuel_Pier4_HiView Pier_Beach PierPilings Sand_Between_Piers Sand_Betwwen_Piers1 Sand_Betwwen_Piers2 Sand_Under_Pier1 Under_CargoPier_Sand Under_Pier Under_Pier1 Under_Pier2

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