NavFac Area

These Images were taken of the Midway NavFac area. The Midway NavFac was demolished, prior to 1996. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has since removed all trees from this area. After the shoreline trees were removed, the nearby beach area began to erode away.

The Midway NavFac support the Navy’s SOSUS program.
Click Here to learn more about the Navy’s SOSUS program.

The Satellite Antenna in these photos was later moved to a different area of the island and used as a Satellite TV antenna.

Composite1 Mdy NavFac Mdy_NavFac_ Dish Mvc-003fb MVC-287F MVC-288F MVC-289F MVC-290F MVC-291F MVC-292F MVC-293F NAVAnt NAVFAC NavFac_Road NavFac_Tree_Road NavFac_Trees_HiView NavfacArea NavFacBeach NavFacBeachErossionJPG NavFacNiceTrees NavFacNoTrees2 NavFacNoTrees3JPG NavFacNoTreesJPG NavFacSat  NavTrees NavTrees1 Navtrees3

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