Midway Island Harbor

There photos were taken of the Midway Island Harbor, when Midway Phoenix Corporation was still operating the island. After MPC made their final exit from the island, on May 1, 2002, the US Fish and Wildlife Service removed the Tug Boats from the island. The Tug Boats were used for escorting large ships into the Cargo Pier. They were also used for meeting ships at sea, for Medivac operations.

DiveShop1_HiView Fish_Dive_HiView Fish_Hut_Piers_Frm_Tower FishDivingHut Fishing_Docks_HiView SportDiving SportFishing_HiView SprtDivgAcross_Harbor Across_Harbor_HiView Blue_Harbor_HiView BoatHouse BoatHouse1_HiView BoatRamp2 BoatRamp2_HiView BoatRamp4_HiView   Channel_Point Harbor_Boat_Ramp OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Harbor_fingerPier Harbor_FingerPier_HiView Harbor_Office_HiView Harbor_Office1_HiView  Harbor_Road_HiView  Harbor_Road1_HiView OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Harbor_view HarborCoast HarborCorner HarborOffice HarborWall HarborWall5 Inner_Boat_Ramp Inner_Harbor_Finger_Pier Inner_Harbor_Frm_Tower Inner_HarborShore_HiView SeaPlane_Ramp SeaPlane_Ramp1 Smooth_Channel Smooth_Coast Smooth_Harbor Smooth_Harbor1_HiView Tug_Pier2

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