Fire Department

Midway Phoenix Corporation maintained a full-time Fire Department. For each aircraft takeoff or landing, the Fire Department station trucks at the mid-apron of the active runway. After MPC’s departure from the island, on May 1, 2002, the Tanker Truck was no longer maintained. Another Fire Truck was taken to the junk yard, for transport to an Oahu Scrap Yard. Yet another Fire Truck was demolished, after a US Fish and Wildlife Employee took it for an unofficial joy ride. That same truck was also transported to an Oahu Scrap Yard.

Midway Island Fire Department –
When Operated by Midway Phoenix Corp.

4Trucks_4 men FireTrucks  Pumper4 Pumper19    Tanker       Truck_4 Truck_11 Truck_19

Most of this Fire Department Equipment has been removed from service and taken to an Oahu Scrap Yard.

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