The Midway Galley – Abandoned by the USFWS in 2002.
The Midway Galley served meals for residents, contractors and visitors.  The Galley was abandoned in year 2002, after MPC made their exit from the island.  Today, a smaller population (of about 40) have their meals served at The Clipper House Restaurant.
The Midway Galley has been Demolished by US Fish and Wildlife Service. 
Front_Galley_Sign Galley_Barrack_HiView Galley_Birthday2 Galley_Boiler Galley_Boiler1 Galley_Fidel Galley_Fidel1 Galley_Fidel2 Galley_Inside2 Galley_Prep Galley_Prep1 Galley_Prep2 Galley_Prep3 Galley_Prep4 Galley_Prep5 Galley_Prep6 Galley_Prep7 Galley_Road1_HiView Galley_Road3_HiView Galley3_HiView  Galley7_HiView Galley23  Inside_Galley Inside_Galley1 Inside_Galley2

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