Eastern Island

Eastern Island has been completely cleared of ALL TREES, by the US Fish and Wildlife Service at Midway Island. Trees were initially banded, by cutting sections of bark away from the tree. The dead trees were then left standing, without foliage. As display in the photos below, Albatross became snared by the branches of the dead trees. All of Eastern and Sand Islands (along with surrounding waters) are eligible for inclusion into the Register of Historic Landmarks. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is NOT maintaining Eastern Island. All Eastern Island buildings have been demolished.

MVC-242F MVC-240F MVC-239F  MVC-236F MVC-235FMVC-233F MVC-232F MVC-231F MVC-229F MVC-228FMVC-227F MVC-225F MVC-221F MVC-218F MVC-217F MVC-215FMVC-213F MVC-212F   MVC-209F Erosion EasternTurn Before EasternTrees3EasternTrees EasternShore9 EasternShore8 EasternShore7 EasternShore6 EasternShore5   EasternShore7   EasternShore3  EasternShore EasternSeaWall EasternNiceTrees EasternGrowthEasternGoons2 EasternGoons EasternErrosion EasternDeadTrees1 EasternDeadTrees EasternChicks EasternBirds5 Eastern20012001a Eastern2001d Eastern2001c Eastern2001b Eastern2001 Eastern2_Frm_Tower Eastern_Verbasenia Eastern_ShoreLine  Eastern_Is_Shore2 Eastern_Is_Shore1Eastern_Gun Eastern_Frm_Tower Eastern_Frm_HiVew_Cargo Eastern_Dead_Trees Eastern_Close_Frm_Tower2 Eastern_Close_Frm_Tower Eastern_Birds_NoTrees Easter1_Frm_Tower DeadTrees7 DeadTrees6 DeadTrees5 DeadTrees4 DeadTrees3 DeadTrees2 DeadTrees DeadBird4   DeadBird Dead_Gooney_In_Tree BlueFootBoobie2 BlueFootBoobie Andy_EasternTreeRings ShoreLine Runway  PillBoxes MVC-271FMVC-268F MVC-267F MVC-261F MVC-257F MVC-256F

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  1. I was stationed on Easter Island, Jan – Nov 1969 US Naval Security Group
    The Command was de-commissioned
    The last person to leave the former NSGA was LtCmdr Evans

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