Clipper House Restaurant

MVC-359F MVC-363F MVC-364F MVC-367F Rest4 Rest5 Rest7 Rest9 Rest11024 BoardWalk Clipper_Entrance Clipper_High_View Clipper_Porch Clipper4 Clipper5 Clipper6 ClipperDeck ClipperDeck1 ClipperDinning ClipperEntrance ClipperH1 ClipperH2 ClipperH3 ClipperHouse ClipperHouse_BackView ClipperHouse_Bar OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ClipperHouse_Beach_HiView ClipperHouse_Breakfast_Table ClipperHouse_Deck1 ClipperHouse_Deck2 ClipperHouse_Entrance ClipperHouse_Front ClipperHouse_WestView ClipperHouse2_HiView ClipperHouseSign ClipperWalk ClipperWalk2 Inside_ClipperHouse

The Clipper House Restaurant was built by Midway Phoenix Corp.

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