Before the US Fish and Wildlife took control of the island, in 2002, the Midway Clinic was used to for medical services for island residents, contractors and visitors. MPC employed a full-time doctor and two Medical Assistants, at the Clinic. The Midway Clinic also served as a Medivac Center for ships at sea.

After Midway Phoenix Corp made their exit from the island, in May of 2002, the Midway Clinic was used as Office Space for the Chugach Island Contractor. Today, a much small portion of the Midway Clinic is used for medical services.

Clinic  Clinic_Dentist Clinic_Dentist2 Clinic_Exame_Room Clinic_Garden1  Clinic_Operating_Room Clinic_Operating_room2 Clinic_Road Clinic_Storage Clinic_XRay_Room Clinic3_HiView Clinic7_HiView Inside_Clinic

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