Captain Brooks

Captain Brooks’ Beach Bar was built by Midway Phoenix Corp.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service took over Captain Brooks’ bar on ay 1, 2002. This building is no longer used for sales of anything. The building is only used as a gathering place.

Bar_Tenders3 Brooks sunset Brooks Brooks_Frm_Trees Cap_Brooks Cap_Brooks_Bar1 CapBrook CapBrooks CapBrooks1 CapBrooks2 CapBrooks5 CapBrooks6 CapBrooks7 CapBrooks8 CapBrooks9 CapBrooks12 CapBrooks13 CaptainBrooks_HiView CaptainBrooks1 CapWalk CapWalk2 Inside_Brooks Inside_CapBrooks Inside_Capt_Brooks

One thought on “Captain Brooks

  1. Amazing! So far out on the edge of the world and you guys have the same booze as my favorite bar here in Savannah Georgia! Beautiful beach. Almost makes me want to find my way there one day.

    Cheers and be safe,


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