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The Lady Bella Ship – The Ghost Ship Story

This was a concrete barge, used for transporting water to Midway from Honolulu.
It was located at the entrance of the Midway Harbor, between Eastern and Sand Island. This hulk is identified as the concrete barge YO-187. YO-187 was a Type MC B7-A2 tank barges made by Concrete Ship Constructors Inc in National City CA. B7-A2 were 5,786 deadweight tons concrete barges. Reclassified Water Barge YWN-148, 16 October 1950. Was towed to Midway with a load of freshwater by the fleet ocean tug USS Abnaki (ATF-96). The YWN-148 (previously YO-187) was lost by grounding off Midway Island in 1957. Struck from the Naval Register, 10 January 1957.  Hulk of YWN-148 off Midway, 21 May 1973.

Asuka Cruise Ship at Midway

Sailor Jim stopped at Midway, on his solo trip around the world

Captain Jim’s full name is James Vernon Petron, owner of the sailing vessel “Blue Moon”,
built by Cascade Yacht Constructors, LLC. Gig Harbor, WA in 1989. Official # 948911

U.S. Coast Guard at Midway

Yorktown Sport Fishing Boat at Midway

Enterprise Sport Fishing Boat at Midway

Midway Explorer – Underwater Viewing Boat

The Grandiosa at Midway

The Japan Navy at Midway

JetSki at Midway

LCM – Visitor Transport Between Sand and Eastern Island

SS Midway Ship – Used to Transport Logistical Supplies

Sea Angel – Midway Dive Boat

YTB (Yard Tug Boat) #817 and #826 at Midway Island
The US Fish and Wildlife Service has disposed of all Tugboats at Midway.

Kayaking at the Midway Reef

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