Midway UFOs

June 24, 1947 – A reported sighting of “flying saucers” near Mt. Rainier, Washington., began widespread interest in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) among the American public. In 1948, the Air Force began gathering data on UFO reports under its Project Blue Book. In 1969, a study sponsored by the Air Force rejected the theory that UFOs were extraterrestrial visitors, and Blue Book was discontinued on Dec 17, 1969.

Listing of UFO sightings near Midway Island:

September 13, 1947 – Midway Island to Oahu, Hawaii, past Necker Island (at 28°34′ or 23°35′ ?N, 164°42′ W). 6:58 p.m. Pan Am airliner crew [military air flight?] saw a bright light with no blue or red tinge split in 2 move towards the plane then disappear [first heading 350° then 109° at 9,500 10,000 ft traveling at 1,000 knots or about 1,200 mph]. [Possible meteor?] (McDonald list; Project 1947; FOIA; FUFOR Index; Mary Castner/CUFOSUFO investigations by USAF Project Blue Book:

September 21, 1961 – 1700 Pacific Ocean, NE of Midway Island, Aerial, a BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) and a PAN-AM B-707 pilots + US Navy members on boat, a white bright light with halo Ref: 303 C10.61

September 25, 1960 – Midway Isles. / No details available at this time (McDonald list)

December 16, 1963 –  Pacific, 800 miles N of Midway Island (at 40° N, 175°54′ W). 5:05 p.m. Crew of military aircraft saw a white light blink 2-3 times per second moving very fast across the sky. (Berliner)

November 16, 1964 – Phenomena observed: strange lights 75 miles NW of Midway Island. (see pics below)

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