By Mike Daak

When I first landed at Midway, in July of 1983, I lived in BOQC-310.  My next-door neighbor was a co-worker, Ronnie M.  He was a great guy – loved to organize things. 

At work one day, while Ronnie was away from his desk, we opened his desk drawer and turned one lead-pencil around, so that it was not pointing in the same direction as the other pencils.  Soon afterward, he returned to his desk.  Immediately, he started asking everyone who had been messing with his pencils.

Ronnie was in great shape – he ran, nearly every day.

After work one day, I walked by his room, on my way to my own room in BOQC.  Ronnie’s door was open and I noticed several pairs of running shoes, all perfectly aligned with the edges of one wall.  I asked Ronnie how many miles were on those shoes.  Ronnie didn’t skip a beat – grabbed his “Shoe Logbook” where he had logged every run for each pair of shoes.  Amazing ! 

If you knew Ronnie, you’d appreciate this story all the more. 

Mike Daak
Midway Island, 1983 – 2002

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