USO Shows

November 12, 1944 – USO comes to Midway
Featuring Betty Hutton, reference: [communication from Andrew W. Stohrer to Bernice “Bunny” Stohrer (wife), November 12, 1944] picture from the book: “Storm of Eagles: The Greatest Aviation Photographs of World War II” by John Dibbs, Kent Ramsey, Robert “Cricket” Renner 

October 1, 1968 – USO shows on Midway Island – there were at least two shows along with separate stopovers with Bob Hope, Ann Margaret and his crew.

Bob Hope and Ann Margret at Midway


Bob Hope and Miss World at Midway

December 14, 1968 – The plane carrying Bob Hope’s Christmas show was in-route to Vietnam or returning back from I’m not quite sure, stopped for a few hours on Midway Island. Capt. Yesenky, the commanding officer, asked Mr. Hope if he’d consider doing something for the sailors and families on Midway, even though nothing had been scheduled. Bob Hope easily could have blown him off: No one but the captain knew of the request, the potential audience was only a couple of hundred at best, and his show people were in the middle of a very long and tiring flight, they were all sleeping when they landed on Midway.  In this photo, Bob Hope is speaking with Miss World.

Instead, Mr. Hope and his group put on the best show they could in the time available, including a singing number by Ann-Margret. A deep and everlasting gratitude for the courtesy and enthusiasm Bob Hope displayed to a tiny audience in the front of the main hanger. He’s a true professional and a real showman, with respect for any audience, no matter how small. Thanks for the memory.


Bob Hope and Capt. Yesenky at Midway

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