Cable Houses

The Historic Cable Station Housing Complex was demolished between June and September of 2012 by direction of the Fish and Wildlife Service.  One of Five Cable Station Buildings was partially restored.

GAO Report – June 2, 2016 – Stated – “Since 2012, FWS has also demolished seven historic properties––actions that were not contemplated by the 1996 programmatic agreement or the 2010 historic preservation plan.”

The mess hall was built by the Commercial Pacific Cable Company in 1903 for the employees who operated the relay stations for the first trans-Pacific telegraph line. It is eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials said that the building is not in use and cannot be restored.”

These historic structures were demolished without consultation with the IMMF,
as required by Public Law 106-113.

Cable Houses # 619, 623, 626 and 628 were demolished
Cable House # 643 was saved and partially restored

These are Artist Renditions, prepared by MPC, of how the Historic Structures
could have been restored and saved – with plans for use as a Teaching Center


Cable House # 643 was saved and partially restored
CableHouse_RemodelPhoto Credit – From Friends of Midway Atoll Facebook Page

Cable Houses, Prior to Demolition By FWS

Cable_Area_Bldg Cable_House_Frm_Tower Cable_Housing_HiView CableHouse_643 CableHouse_Area CableHouse1_HiView CableHouse1A CableHouse2 CableHouse4 CableHouse5 CableHouse5a CableHouse6 CableHouse6a CableHouse7 CableHouse8 CableHouse12 CableHouse13 cablehouse111 CableHouse643_BackSide CableHouses CableHouses1 C-House House_643 House623 NewRoof1 NewRoof2 NewRoof3 NewRoof4 NewRoof5 NewRoof6 NewRoof7 NewRoof9 NewRoof10 NewRoof11

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