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Midway Island – A Battle Lost To U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

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  • Rocky Nelson says:

    Mike, I would just like to send out a big Thank YOU! I have watch you over the past several years with all of your pictures and such. I miss Midway and the way it used to be. I will be contacting my representative to voice my opinion. Kudos to you!!

  • John Eaton says:

    I had a vacation planned to visit Midway with a dear friend who was a WWII vet just prior to closure. We are all sad to see the power NWS has on so many projects. It seems the entire fish and wild life organization is run by people claiming to be scientist when they are truly ultra conservative environmentalist who believe no people should be allowed to be on earth. Yet these same high ranking individuals drive around in expensive cars. I beleive it was a TRUE mistake to allow the NWS to gain control of Midway Island. How can the governemnt keep allowing the NWS to be funded. This is one organization that needs to be shut down due to the fact they have NO clue what they are doing. Allow the American people to visit historically significant sites such as Midway Island. NWS should get as far away from Midway as they can. Actually they should not ever be allowed to work on any projects assocaited with Americans as they do not understand the environemtal dynamics that go on period anywhere. please return Midway Island to the American people . PLEASE STOP spending MY money funding the NWS as they are the worst organization on earth. WE WANT MIDAWAY BACK in the hands of organization NOT associated with the NWS.>

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  • Lawrence K. Pilkinton says:

    Thanks to those who produced the accompanying video. I have loosely followed what was happening to Midway over the last decade or so. However, I did not realize the extremes NWS have gone to in order to destroy all human history concerning Midway. Also, I had not realized how extremely terrible their handling of Midway and its natural inhabitants were. I am not hopeful any or all of the damages inflicted can ever be reversed or prevented in the future. It seems to me that this organization (loosely stated) has managed to do everything in their power to ensure Midway Island will never again be the oasis it once was, for humans or wild animals. Their meddling has enabled invasive weeds to cover most of the islands and that is sad as it prevents the Laison Albatrosses (Gooney Birds) from having sufficient places to nest and reproduce. If there is any way that Midway can be saved from the NWS, I hope it is done quickly. Somehow, there has to be a better plan and the NWS is totally ignorant of what that would be. Being one of the last Naval groups to have served on Midway, I am amazed at how far the Islands have deteriorated. Please, someone in power, get this destruction of one of our most glorious historical locations stopped and make some honest attempt to preserve as much as can be done, of whatever is now left.

  • John Skinner says:

    This is the kind of disastrous results you get when bureaucrats think they know what they are doing, and are not smart enough to seek guidance from those that do. The FWS destroyed a huge portion of our military history for absolutely no reason. They should be brought to task and tossed out. That being said, they have of course, destroyed most of what was historic in the name of nature, and I suspect, just plain positional arrogance and total disregard for anyone or anything but themselves. The video made me sick, and I suspect it would do the same for most Americans if they saw it. I am certainly going to pass it along to everyone I know, and put the word out in all the media I can. This is not new to me, and happens here in California with the park service as well. They show total disregard for anything historical, looking only to “restore” an area to its “natural condition”. At this rate, we will have nothing left of our history to show our grand and great-grandchildren.
    Thank you so much for telling this story. Please post this if you wish, and let me know how myself or others can help preserve what is left.
    John Skinner
    Fort Bragg, CA

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