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Midway Island – A Battle Lost To U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

34 Responses to Midway Island – A Battle Lost To U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

  • Rocky Nelson says:

    Mike, I would just like to send out a big Thank YOU! I have watch you over the past several years with all of your pictures and such. I miss Midway and the way it used to be. I will be contacting my representative to voice my opinion. Kudos to you!!

  • John Eaton says:

    I had a vacation planned to visit Midway with a dear friend who was a WWII vet just prior to closure. We are all sad to see the power NWS has on so many projects. It seems the entire fish and wild life organization is run by people claiming to be scientist when they are truly ultra conservative environmentalist who believe no people should be allowed to be on earth. Yet these same high ranking individuals drive around in expensive cars. I beleive it was a TRUE mistake to allow the NWS to gain control of Midway Island. How can the governemnt keep allowing the NWS to be funded. This is one organization that needs to be shut down due to the fact they have NO clue what they are doing. Allow the American people to visit historically significant sites such as Midway Island. NWS should get as far away from Midway as they can. Actually they should not ever be allowed to work on any projects assocaited with Americans as they do not understand the environemtal dynamics that go on period anywhere. please return Midway Island to the American people . PLEASE STOP spending MY money funding the NWS as they are the worst organization on earth. WE WANT MIDAWAY BACK in the hands of organization NOT associated with the NWS.>

  • Anonymouse says:

    You, sir, are not just a poop, but a nincompoop! First, by NWS, I think you mean USFWS? Secondly, I guarantee you nobody in the USFWS is driving around in a big expensive car, but that’s a funny thought. Next, and most importantly, let’s assume that USFWS just walks away from places like Midway – That is where your suggestion shows that you know nothing about the issue, or the place. And, yes, there are many valuable scientific studies that you wouldn’t care to hear about, but lucky for America, YOU aren’t the decision maker for the conservation of wild things. Instead, the vast majority of people in this country support the mission of the USFWS. So, money, including yours, will continue to support the treasure that Midway is today, and into the future.

  • Sarah Taxpayer says:

    I guess I don’t understand why some of these things are negatives, for example, getting a more modern fire truck. Yes, that costs money, but the potential lives saved are worth it, don’t you think?

    How do lowered street signs compromise the safety of humans?

    The loss of non-native trees is unfortunate, but is the loss of Kentucky bluegrass that big of a deal?

    Three century old cable houses were torn down, but it is my understanding that they were infested with (non-native) termites, caving in on themselves, and that the fourth one was saved at great expense (for which I am grateful).

    Maintaining or restoring empty barracks, schools, an LCM (though that would be really neat) has got to be much more difficult than tearing them down.

    As a military brat and veteran of the Army, I have felt pangs of sadness when I have learned or seen many former houses, barracks, and buildings I lived in or worked in demolished. Some dated from the 30s, most from the 50s-60s. While historic, they really didn’t serve a good purpose. Nothing lasts forever. Even if/when a visitor program is restored to Midway, it is my understanding that the current facilities are adequate.

    I think MPC had an incredibly “optimistic” view of future visitation – it is incredibly expensive to visit Midway. That will always limit the number of visitors. I think those that come, for history or for nature (or both) will not be put off by dated furnishings and the lack of a movie theater.

    Just a few thoughts of mine, a very interested outside observer. Obviously I don’t have the same emotional attachments that someone who served there does.

  • Allan Johannsen says:

    I used to live on midway while stationed there in the navy in 1978-1979 it was a very nice island to live on back than. It would have been nice if it had been taken care of. It’s sad to see the way it has been let go to run down like it has. I have a lot of good memories of midway. My oldest son was just a baby back than.

  • Milt Jensen says:

    This is true no only of Midway, but ALL of the smaller Pacific Islands and the Carribean islands of Navassa and Desecheo. And it extends to closures and limitations on public and private land in the good old continental USA. The use of the Endangered Species Act to take control of even private lands, all in the name of the smallest so-called ‘endangered’ specie of toad, minnow, bird, or insect, is totally out of control.

    You named it well, John Eaton, when you describe them as being scientists when actually they are bureaucrats exercising POWER and CONTROL.

  • Andy Calot says:

    Worked in the control tower on Midway in 1967-68, a tropical paradise. It was beautiful how wildlife and humans co-existed splendidly. The gooney birds were literally everywhere during their seasonal visit and were respected by their human neighbors. I’ve thought of a return visit for years, but after seeing that Fish & Wildlife have neglected maintenance and using common sense. What they have done to this island is criminal. Sixty years or more of responsible stewardship turned into a ghost town at the cost of the US taxpayers. Criminal…

  • Sergio Rensseg says:

    Looks to me to be a propaganda piece by MPC.

  • Sergio Rensseg says:

    Apparently MPC, or past employees of MPC have created this propaganda piece.

  • Pam Riker says:

    It is absolutely heartbreaking to see this lovely place go to ruin. Watching your video brought tears to my eyes. I, for one, would be more than willing to live in this lovely place and work for keep!

  • Teten Mount says:

    I couldn’t watch the video due to my computer being old, but I agree, it is a shame we can’t visit Midway. I was born there in 1947 and left at age 2 and will never be able to visit the place I was born!!! Now with the possibilility of “global warming” and my age, I will probably never get the chance. In order to know and understand how to protect our earth we and our children need to have access to places like Midway with its wide diversity of birds and sea creatures in order to truly understand what is at risk. Thanks for the chance to voice my opinion!!!

  • Dwayne Hamilton says:

    I was fortunate enough to visit Midway twice in 2001. It was a place you just had to have been there to understand the life it offered. MPC did a great job running the island. Everybody knows the government can’t manage anything as well as the private sector and this is proof once again. I’m glad I was able to experience Midway as the paradise it was and resent the fact my kids and grandchildren will never have that opportunity, due to the self serving few that have destroyed a great thing. I will be contacting my representatives to voice my opinion. Thanks to all who made this video.

  • John Shroeder says:

    It is apparent that the FWS plans to convert what was a beautiful tropical island into a desert island as evidenced by what they did on Eastern Island. In my small home town in Kansas, we had a beautiful municipal lake built by the CCC. Occasionally, we would have some vandal youths get drunk and hook onto masonry picnic tables and benches with a winch on their pickups and pull them apart “for fun”. My mother always remarked that she just could not understand what prompted them to commit such acts to destroy useful and attractive facilities being enjoyed by the public. I feel that way about the wanton destructive acts by the FWS. Who are they seeking revenge on?
    Thanks for keeping this alive and for being involved and sponsoring a reunion.

  • Pat Khachatourian says:

    All I could do is cry watching the terrible state that Midway is in now. Who is the head of the USFWL that was responsible for the destruction of my former home? I want is his name. He destroyed my memories and dreams. How could anyone let this happen? Who is responsible? I am so angry that the most beautiful island in the world was destroyed by the USFWL!

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  • Lawrence K. Pilkinton says:

    Thanks to those who produced the accompanying video. I have loosely followed what was happening to Midway over the last decade or so. However, I did not realize the extremes NWS have gone to in order to destroy all human history concerning Midway. Also, I had not realized how extremely terrible their handling of Midway and its natural inhabitants were. I am not hopeful any or all of the damages inflicted can ever be reversed or prevented in the future. It seems to me that this organization (loosely stated) has managed to do everything in their power to ensure Midway Island will never again be the oasis it once was, for humans or wild animals. Their meddling has enabled invasive weeds to cover most of the islands and that is sad as it prevents the Laison Albatrosses (Gooney Birds) from having sufficient places to nest and reproduce. If there is any way that Midway can be saved from the NWS, I hope it is done quickly. Somehow, there has to be a better plan and the NWS is totally ignorant of what that would be. Being one of the last Naval groups to have served on Midway, I am amazed at how far the Islands have deteriorated. Please, someone in power, get this destruction of one of our most glorious historical locations stopped and make some honest attempt to preserve as much as can be done, of whatever is now left.

  • John Skinner says:

    This is the kind of disastrous results you get when bureaucrats think they know what they are doing, and are not smart enough to seek guidance from those that do. The FWS destroyed a huge portion of our military history for absolutely no reason. They should be brought to task and tossed out. That being said, they have of course, destroyed most of what was historic in the name of nature, and I suspect, just plain positional arrogance and total disregard for anyone or anything but themselves. The video made me sick, and I suspect it would do the same for most Americans if they saw it. I am certainly going to pass it along to everyone I know, and put the word out in all the media I can. This is not new to me, and happens here in California with the park service as well. They show total disregard for anything historical, looking only to “restore” an area to its “natural condition”. At this rate, we will have nothing left of our history to show our grand and great-grandchildren.
    Thank you so much for telling this story. Please post this if you wish, and let me know how myself or others can help preserve what is left.
    John Skinner
    Fort Bragg, CA

  • peter manfredi says:

    as a marine, I was stationed on midway for about one year from nov.1948 to nov. 1949. somehow this experience has always left an impression on me. I frequently think about midway, and somehow I would like to visit before I die. too bad the dream to visit will be denied to me.

  • Dan says:

    It reminds me of these save the Earth folks that end up destroying things, And when confronted with there own created disaster they say well Our Intentions were well intended… Wow and then they walk away because they feel there good intentions trumps everything else. Leaving the beauty and creating a wonderful tourist type spot was a win, win both ways. But the Tree Huggers destroyed everything. That’s how I see it and how they came to there decisions. Because as small as Midway is you must try at all costs to maintain its original state and yet world around it to keep it functioning.

  • Paxton King says:

    After seeing a report about a distressed United Airlines plane landing at Midway this evening, I found this website and video while trying to learn more about this historic, beautiful island. I am ashamed of what USFWS has done to the island. How they have disrespected the dead in the cemetery, how they have destroyed historical buildings. This is a place I would have liked to visit, but instead our tax dollars have been used to destroy this place. I am utterly disgusted.

  • Shams says:

    Thank you for this website! Just heard a 777 landed there safely. That is great. I had an assumption no one lives there. I wonder how the pilot communicated the positioning for landing. What a sight it must have been to see the massive 777. Thanks to the people who provided food and thanks to God for saving the lives of these people.

    I hope to visit this beautiful Atoll one day!

    Kindest regards,

    Shams from Bangladesh!

  • Bob Philbeck says:

    I am heart broken at what has happened to Midway! Midway was our refueling stop as we made our way across the Pacific headed for Vietnam and other destinations while in the Navy! We loved the Goony birds and the beauty of such a pristine island as Midway! They should have left it in the hands of the NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is another example of what happens when such facilities fall into the hands of a government Bureaucracy that knows nothing of Midway’s historical, cultural, and Military value. All Vets should rise up and demand that Midway be restored and operated for a Visitor’s site and Historical monument of this nation’s gallant history and victory at Midway in WWII, Vietnam, etc.

  • I spent 7th grade on Midway, attending George Cannon School (1965-1966) and watching this brought tears to my eyes seeing what our government has done to my childhood memories. I loved Midway and everybody there had the utmost respect for all of the birds and plants. Seeing the movie theater, the officer’s club, and all the buildings abandoned is sickening. My dad and I used to go over to Eastern Island and hunt for fish balls (glass balls for keep fishing nets afloat). It’s so sad that other people won’t ever get to enjoy what I referred to as ‘heaven’ when I lived there.

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  • Charles Bondy says:

    I was one of the fortunate ones to visit Midway, just before eco-terrorists at FWS expelled Midway Phoenix. But upon exiting the Aloha jet and being herded into a reich-like eco-indoctrination classroom, I knew I was in for a bad experience. It was clear FWS didn’t want us there under any circumstances. I flew over with a plane load of military historians, birdwatchers, divers and fishermen, all of who are conservationists. As it turns out, conservationists are the mortal enemy of FWS. FWS is infested with 100% preservationists and their precious “no-humans allowed except us” agenda, ruined the trip. I guess they thought we were all there to have barbeque gooney bird and baked monk seal for dinner. Like 1st graders we were told where to walk, where to swim, where to snorkel, where to breathe etc, etc. The MPC people tried to make it bearable, but virtually no one on the trip got an ounce of respect or welcome from FWS. It is unfortunate for the conservationists that these eco-preservationists have now taken over the whole Hawaiian archipelago, and their tentacles reach further west to Wake and all points in between. I presented a solution to re-opening Midway a few years after MPC left that was widely quoted in the negotiations to re-open visitation to Midway, but the unwelcoming preservationist agenda won out shortly thereafter. Its clear that FWS doesn’t want any of us peons visiting their precious domain. They are happy having under paid Phillipino slaves tend to all of their needs, while they attempt to infest their agenda on the whole Central Pacific. Unfortunately, I am defeated, as I see no way to defeat these radical environmentalists. Conservationism is no longer welcome, only radical preservationism will be tolerated.

  • RMCM(SW)(CMC) Dennis M. Brown (USN ret0 says:

    I was stationed at Midway Island in the late 70’s, specifically at the NAVFAC at the other end of the island from the base. Midway at that time was a paradise. there was only one motorized vehicle
    on the base that I can remember and that was the firetruck at the hanger. We all got around on our bicycles. I thought at the time that Midway was a protected wildlife sanctuary. If what I just saw was what happened to the island, I can only say that what the wildlife service did is criminal! I hope someone was brought to task over this.

  • joe range says:

    I spent two years on midway as part of barrier squadron [ AEW]. my memory of this island was a beautiful place, squared away totally functional. like most navy bases. its hard to believe today’s condition. it should have been a tourist destination.
    WV constellations flew in and out on a daily basis for 13 to 14 flights. I enjoyed working on midway and my time off.
    joe range
    Hesperia ca.

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  • Paul Okouchi says:

    I have visited midway in the 90s when Midway Phoenix had control of the operation there. I was shocked and devastated by what I saw in the film of Midway from then up to the present time. It just makes me wonder how NWS were allowed to destroy all the historical buildings, monuments and artifacts on that once beautifully preserved and well maintained atoll.
    Paul Okouchi
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Veteran USN

  • You’ve made some really good points there. I looked on the web for additional information about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site.

  • Chuck Strader says:

    I was stationed on Midway from May 1969 to June 1970, It did not look like it does now. The FWS has totally wrecked the Island and should be made to Put it back the way it was before they got there grubby paws on it.
    They are a bunch of Assholes.

  • Nobuo Fukui says:

    Hi Mike, I don’t know if you remember my name from circa 1999. I exchanged emails with you and Heidi regarding my flight simulator scenery project for PMDY. I am both saddened and furious to find out the current state of Midway island. It has always been one of my life goals to visit Midway and to find the island in such a state of disrepair is nothing short of agonising. Are there any development regarding possible restart of visitor program? Feel free to drop me an email too Mike.

  • JESSE SAGUN says:

    As a Navy brat and veteran, I had the rare opportunity to live on Midway form 1971-1974, went to George Cannon School grades 2-5. The school has been razed by the USFWS along with other historical buildings. I have not seen the video that other bloggers have written about. I don’t think I want to since I know it will make me sick to my stomach. Midway was heaven on earth. Now destroyed. The ironic thing is, when the Navy was there Midway was well maintained. The many birds especially the Layson Albatross, monk seals, turtles were well respected by their human residents. Give Midway back to a contractor like MPC that can maintain a balance between conservation and visitation.
    Jesse Sagun
    Torrance, CA
    Veteran USN & Former Midway Resident

  • Earl Hopper says:

    I spent one year at Midway, from November 1967 to November 1968. Six months with the Sea-Bees and six months in the Harbor Division. With the Sea-bees I ran the portable generators behind the powerhouse and, at times, had to run the larger Worthington units inside. In the Harbor Division I was on a harbor tug, YTM412, with five other shipmates. Although I was single at the time and ~22 years of age, I did not fully grasp the beauty of the Island, like I do now.
    Reviewing this presentation almost brought tears to my eyes to see how this island went into such disrepair under the watch of the USFWS. I often thought about visiting Midway but, due to its current condition, I would just as well keep the memories I have, reflecting on its better days with all the photos I took.
    The island cannot be brought back to its originality, however I do hope that a contractor can be found to at least restore what was previously created.
    Earl Hopper
    Veteran USN

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