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    1. I was born on midway June 10 1969 how and where do I get my birth certificate been on this search for about and month can’t seem to find any info . please help

      1. Try the State Dept., dude . . I was born in Japan in 1956 to American parents, and the State Department issued me my birth certificate . . I have gotten a copy of it in the past few years from the Dept., man . .

    2. I flew out of Midway in the late 50’s with the AEW Operations. The final treatment of the island made me sad and a bit disturbed. What a shame!

  1. I was stationed on Midway Island Sept 1963-64, I think the govt should erect a memorial wall for those who paid the ultimate price fighting the Midway battle.

  2. Does anyone recall if Midway Island had license plates on the vehicles there? I know there were plates on bicycles I have seen in photos. I’m trying to complete a worldwide collection of past and present countries, I have over 240 different countries and there are approximately 325 in total. If anyone could be of help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Martine – pl8sRus@yahoo.ca

  3. Spent two years on Midway, 2nd and 3rd grade. Best years, playing KIck ball at George Cannon School, watching softball games, and movies at the CPO Club on Saturdays. .And the great swimming.

  4. I am the historian of AOSHS, American Overseas Schools Historical Society(www.aoshs.org) and we are seeking students and teachers who were at the George Cannon Schools on Midway. We are trying to find people who are willing to share their memories of life on the island and school life. If you would be willing to share your stories, please contact me at simplydunn@comcast.net

    Thanks so much. We don’t want to lose your experiences.

  5. Stationed on Midway’s Eastern Island from July 19, 1957 – July 24, 1958. Returned in 2000 with a group for a reunion of sorts, was able to get a boat back to Eastern twice and how many memories came flooding back! The galley, old movie hall, old chow hall, quonsets scattered on the west side of the island, picking up fishballs almost every day of the year, the ops building, berms, underground spaces of which only a few of us know now where they are and we ain’t tellin’!! We played basketball in the hangar where planes were worked on, we had a gym and stored electronic parts in the old reefer building. Got to walk down the runways we used to ‘try out’ the jeep now and then! We burned leftover aviation fuel so a 4 cyinder low compression engine didn’t last long with such high octane fuel! But we had a great time and how badly I want to go back one more time while I can! What a thrill that would be, but I fear until Fish and Wildlife get tossed off the island, we’ll never get to go back again. they have demolished so many structures…Fuel farm, water tower, movie hall is in bad shape as is the galley, slated for destruction. BOQ-B slated for demolition because it has been allowed to rot away. So sad. What a wonderful place but just gone to ruin!

    1. Hi Welford, my name is Mark Gordon and I was a CT3 on Eastern from April ’63 to April ’64. I was there when the Alaska earthquake hit in April, ’64; we were watching a movie when the OD turned on the lights and said there was an earthquake in Alaska and we’re expecting a 12 foot tidal wave. The highest point on our island (Eastern) was 7 feet…. Unfortunately I had the midwatch so while everyone else took the boat back to the main island (Sand), we spent the night on top of the shack listening to the radio from Hawaii — water 6 blocks inland on Hono, etc. Fortunately, the wave went around the island instead of toppling on, but the water did rise about 5 feet. It was a very interesting time!
      Have you checked out the U. S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Assocation? The website is usncva.org and it’s a very interesting organization!
      Thanks for your service!

  6. Hi gang; my uncle was on island during the battle. Underground. The bunker he was in took a direct hit. He said the shock wave blew out all lights. I spent many dets there in the 70’s with VP-4. Will hopefully get back.

  7. I was stationed FFT on Midway from march – August 1967 working in Special Services building a softball field then working in the food galley. I was also back in later years on Ready Alert in VP-19 for flights Ops. Last time there was in 1974. I would love to revisit somehow.

  8. Hi everyone my Dad (David Fischer)was commanding officer in the mid 1970s and I spent 3 years there with him and my mom. Went to George Cannon and still remember the Halloween parade. What an incredible place. Hate to hear that it isn’t being taken care of and hope to bring my family there one day.

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