Little Island BIG HISTORY

 From the tabs above you can view thousands of Midway photos, read stories, watch videos, listen to sounds, read current  news stories, check current Midway weather and tour the island via Google Street View

Congressional Oversight Hearing Closing Remarks – Video, 2 min, 24 sec

Blow the Whistle – Alert the Natural Resources Committee of potential waste, fraud or abuse

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    1. I was born on midway June 10 1969 how and where do I get my birth certificate been on this search for about and month can’t seem to find any info . please help

      1. Try the State Dept., dude . . I was born in Japan in 1956 to American parents, and the State Department issued me my birth certificate . . I have gotten a copy of it in the past few years from the Dept., man . .

    2. I flew out of Midway in the late 50’s with the AEW Operations. The final treatment of the island made me sad and a bit disturbed. What a shame!

  1. I was stationed on Midway Island Sept 1963-64, I think the govt should erect a memorial wall for those who paid the ultimate price fighting the Midway battle.

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