Midway Housing

Photos on this page include Midway resident housing. These photos were taken prior to when Midway Phoenix Corporation made their final exit from the island, on May 1, 2002.

In December of 2010 The US Fish and Wildlife Service revised its Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge Historic Preservation Plan 1999 and reissued it in December 2010.  Officer 2-Story Houses were rehabilitated. These homes are eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.  FWS collected $2.84 million from an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant to Rehabilitate 2-story homes and to add solar water heating.

2_Story_Homes 011 6000Housing Bill's_House  Cindy's_House FWS_House FWS_House1 GM_House2 H422 H423 H423c H423d house House_330           House_421_Frm_Tower       House_423_Composite      House_424_Back2      House_HS7_HiView House174Front House176Front House415 House418 House418a House418b House418Back House418c House418d House418e House421_HiView House423 House423_Areal_House House423_HiView House423_Mural House423_Plants House423_Rear1 House423_Yard House423_Yard1 House423a House423a1 House423In House423In3 House423In4 House423In5 House423In6 House423In7 House423In8 House423In9 House423In10 House423In11 House423In12    Housing_Aerea Housing_Road_HiView Housing_Road1_HiView Mdy_House_HiView Mdy_House_HiView1 Mdy_House_HiView2 More_Housing MPC_Manager_House Mvc-003f NiceStreet OfficersHousing OfficersHousing1 OSEHouse OSEHouse1 OSEHouse2 OSEHouseSand Rainy Day  Roger's_House