Boat Rentals

By Lisa Brackin
Midway Island, 1956 – 1957
Returned as an employee of MPC 1997 – 1998
By Born on Midway – Lisa Brackin

While my dad was station on Midway from 1955-1957 he was in charge of Special Services.  As he put it, he was in charge of the toys. Boat rentals were a big deal and as the number of boats was limited they were a highly desired  item.  When he arrived he discovered that officers could reserve a boat but the enlisted could not and were held to a first come first serve basis. Now my dad was one of those guys who went in the Navy as a sailor and retired as a Commander, so he had been on both sides of the fence. After a few months of seeing how things were going down with the boats and finding it highly unfair, since the enlisted guys never were getting use of the boats, he changed the operating procedures, everyone was put on a first come first serve basis with no special favors. I guess the officers didn’t like it but the enlisted guys sure appreciated it! I think that’s one of the things Midway does… makes everyone equal so she can be enjoyed by all.

Lisa Bracklin
Midway Island, 1956 – 1957 and 1997 – 1998