Welcome to our dedicated section for exploring the historic bunkers of Midway Island. These enduring structures stand as silent witnesses to the island’s pivotal role in World War II’s Pacific Theater.  The journey includes a virtual tour that brings to life the stories and strategies enclosed within these concrete walls. Each bunker has a tale to tell, offering insights into the bravery and challenges faced during a crucial time in history. Uncover the secrets of Midway Island’s bunkers and experience a powerful connection to the past.  It should be noted that the Midway Island Bunkers are not being maintained and have been deselected from the on-island contractor’s maintenance list.

Eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places

Bunker_Repairs Bunker_Repair_Sign   Bunker_Graffiti Bunker_Graffiti2 Bunker_Graffiti3 Bunker1 Bunker2 Bunker3 Bunker4 Bunker5 BunkerHill BunkerMVC-081F BunkerWide  Comm_Bunker2 Harbor_Bunker NavFac_Bunker   PillBox1 PillBoxClose