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The GAO Report was released to the public, on 6/2/2016.

Click Here to read the 117 page PDF report

We’ve waited nearly 2 years for the results of this report.  The report is a direct result of the November 2014 Hearing, entitled;
“Is the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge Being Properly Managed?”

At the Hearing, Congressman John Fleming, M.D., (Committee Chairman) said this;
“The FWS has a failing grade for achieving public visitation to Midway and for allowing Midway’s historic structures to deteriorate. He stated, “it was a mistake to make Midway Islands a Wildlife Refuge” and went on to say that the USFWS has no interest, expertise or desire in the National Memorial.

The Hearing prompted a GAO Audit, which then led to an Investigation. The results of the Audit/Investigation should soon be released – hopefully on May 9, 2016.