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The first air attack
June 19, 1942 — Evans family notified that Ensign Bill Evans listed as missing in action
USS Yorktown CV-10 – On June 4 during the Battle of Midway, Japanese aircraft crippled Yorktown. She lost all power and developed a 23-degree list to port. The ship sank and was later found, on June 4, 1998
Japanese ShipDestroyed
Japanese Kamikaze Plane
Midway – While under attack
June 7, 1942: Battle of Midway Ends in Allied Victory

Today, Midway is Wildlife Refuge and a Battle of Midway National Memorial. The Battle of Midway National Memorial is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They have made several promises to host visitors to the island – but the island remains closed to public visitation, with no plan to reopen, despite a Legal Mandate to keep it open for visitors.

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  1. Just FYI – CV-10 Yorktown was not suck at Midway. CV-5 Yorktown was the ship sunk at Midway. CV-10 survived the war and is a museum today.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for taking time to send a note about the CV-10 Carrier, Yorktown.

      You are correct. CV-5 Yorktown was sunk near Midway. CV-10 Yorktown is currently is a floating military museum located at Patriot’s Point in Charleston, SC.

      June 4-6, 1942 – Early on June 4, aircraft from four Japanese aircraft carriers, which had attacked Pearl Harbor 6 months earlier, attack and severely damage the base on Midway. After their initial attacks, the Japanese aircraft head back to their carriers to rearm and refuel, and while the aircraft are returning, the Japanese navy is surprised by U.S. naval forces in the area. Aircraft from the USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, and USS Yorktown attack the Japanese fleet. Three Japanese carriers are hit, set ablaze, and abandoned. A fourth Japanese carrier, the Hiryu, responds with two waves of attacks—both times bombing the USS Yorktown, leaving her severely damaged but still afloat. That afternoon, a USS Yorktown scout plane locates the Hiryu, and the USS Enterprise sends dive bombers to attack. The attack leaves the Hiryu burning and without the ability to launch aircraft. Over the next 2 days, the U.S. Navy forces the Japanese to abandon the battle and retreat to Japan. The Japanese lose approximately 4,800 men, four carriers, one cruiser, and hundreds of aircraft, while the United States loses about 307 men, one carrier, one destroyer, and over 100 aircraft. The Battle of Midway is considered the decisive battle of the war in the Pacific. After Midway, the Americans and their allies took the offensive in the Pacific arena.

      The Yorktown, built in Newport News, Va., was 809 feet long, weighed 19,800 tons and carried 75 aircraft, including 50 bombers. During the Battle of Midway, it was seriously damaged by bombers from the Japanese carrier Hiryu and then sank after being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.

      Deep-sea explorer Robert Ballard found the Yorktown on May 19, 1998.

      I was at the Midway Station Theater, when Dr. Ballard presented his story of his recent find of the Yorktown. My wife was presented a star foam cup, which had been placed aboard the deep-sea diving vessel that went to the deep location of where the Yorktown was found. I still have that shrunken star foam cup, on display in my living room.

      Thanks for interacting with this topic.

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