President Obama Visits Midway

Congressman Duncan – 2003 –
“Having a wildlife refuge or a national memorial that only bureaucrats can visit does not make a whole lot of sense.”

President Obama visited Midway on September 1, 2016

Here are a collection of videos and media articles about his visit to the island

A memorial few see
Public not allowed to visit historic Midway Atoll for years; wildlife protection is focus
The San Diego Union Tribune, Jones and Lederman write for The Associated Press, Dec 4, 2016

►Obama warns against global warming’s impact on Pacific atoll
AP, Josh Lederman, Sept. 2, 2016

►Midway: Why Barack Obama visited a tiny island in the Pacific
CNN, Nick Thompson, Sept 2, 2016

Obama Visits Faraway Speck Of Sand Furthering His Legacy Of Conservation
THE HUFFINGTON POST, Chris D’Angelo, Sept 2, 2016

Obama visits far-flung Midway Atoll in conservation push
The Washington Post, Josh Lederman | AP, Sept 1, 2016

►Obama, on historic Midway Island, touts his conservation efforts
USA TODAY, Gregory Korte, Sept 1, 2016

Obama Visits Midway, Highlighting Monument and Commitment to Environment
The New York Times, Julie Hirschfeld, Sept 1, 2016