Lisa Brackin

Photos by Lisa Brackin – Born on Midway

1956 Era Photos

dad and me Dad in uniform hanging out 2 img002 img003 img004 img005 img009 img011 Lani and birds Lani more birds in house Lani snorkel Lani with gooney me and Lani Midway001 Midway002 Midway003 Midway004 Midway005 Midway006 Midway007 Midway008 Midway009 Midway010 Midway011 Midway012 Midway013 Midway014 Midway015 Midway016 Midway017 Midway018 (2) Midway019 (3) Midway019 Midway020 Midway023 Midway025 Midway026 Midway027 mom front porch Mom with birds nurse and me plane front plane planes Station_Theater_IMG_6484