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Midway Photos by Bill Myerson –
Bill_and_Chick Field_Of_Birds4 Geo_Mgr Golf Cart 8-12-00 Golf Cart 8-12-2000 Kumiko 10-15-00 Kumiko and Golf Cart Kumiko and Sign Kumiko Golf Cart Kumiko Tern Kumiko Kumiko1 Kumiko1a Kumiko2 Kumiko3 Kumiko4 Kumiko5 Kumiko6 Kumiko7 Kumiko-Bulky Dump Kumiko-Eastern Island Kumiko-FrigatePoint Kumiko-Ocean-Bulky Dump Kumiko-Ocean-Close-Up Kumiko-TropicBirdChick Midway_Kumiko-Golf Cart MVC-001S5 MVC-002S1 MVC-003S1 MVC-003S5 MVC-004S5 MVC-005S1 MVC-006S1 MVC-008S3 Someone White_Gooney White_Gooney1