Cable Houses

Historic Cable Station Houses –
Four of five Historic Cable Houses – Demolished by FWS
One of Five Cable Station Buildings Partially Restored
Cable Houses # 619, 623, 626 and 628 were demolished in October of 2013
Cable House # 643 was saved and partially restored

These are Artist Renditions, prepared by MPC, of how the Historic Structures
could have been saved – with plans for use as a Teaching Center

Cable House # 643 was saved and partially restored
CableHouse_RemodelPhoto Credit – From Friends of Midway Atoll Facebook Page


Cable Houses, Prior to Demolition By FWS

Cable_Area_Bldg Cable_House_Frm_Tower Cable_Housing_HiView CableHouse_643 CableHouse_Area CableHouse1_HiView CableHouse1A CableHouse2 CableHouse4 CableHouse5 CableHouse5a CableHouse6 CableHouse6a CableHouse7 CableHouse8 CableHouse12 CableHouse13 cablehouse111 CableHouse643_BackSide CableHouses CableHouses1 C-House House_643 House623 NewRoof1 NewRoof2 NewRoof3 NewRoof4 NewRoof5 NewRoof6 NewRoof7 NewRoof9 NewRoof10 NewRoof11

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